PARD SA45 Thermal Rifle Scope LRF

PARD SA45 Thermal Rifle Scope LRF

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This is a new PARD SA45 Thermal LRF Rifle Scope.

It truly is a very good scope with performance and quality enhancements that provide fantastic value for money.

Key Features

  • IP67 waterproof rating.
  • Lightweight only 420g.
  • Suitable for Handheld applications.
  • With the optional Quick Detach (QD) allows rapid transfer to rifle.
  • 5 Profiles for different ammo or rifles.
  • F1.0 Lens for best ‘thermal’ light transmission.
  • 3.9x Optical plus a 3x Digital Zoom.
  • 1024 x 768 resolution screen.
  • French Made Thermal Core – 384×288 50hz – .17u
  • Recoil rated up to .308 calibre (equivalent of an unsuppressed setup).
  • Runs off a single 18650 Flat Top battery so you can carry spares and replace in the field very easily.
  • One battery included.
  • Spares Available Here
  • Range Finder (LRF Model) 600m.

Warranty – 3 years.

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