Aim for Accuracy!Aim for Accuracy!

Aim for Accuracy!

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Radar Chronographs
Ingenuity Precision
Quick Anneal - Consistency matters!
Schneider Barrels
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SpeedTracker - Know your speed!
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Radar Chronographs

Radar Chronographs

The latest and best tech!
Ingenious Reloading

Ingenious Reloading

Ingenuity Precision - leading innovation.
David Tubb DTAC

David Tubb DTAC

"I am very proud of the collection of products you'll see on this web site. Many were solutions to problems I had experienced with other equipment, and I think you'll find that my products will work as well for you as they have for me. Always check back often to see what's coming next..."
Speedtracker Mach4+

Speedtracker Mach4+

Know your Speed! Revolutionary Speedtracker by Optex USA. The only rifle mountable system.


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